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Welcome to Arizona’s Next Generation Car Wash!

A Premium Wash Every Time

Grand Wash is locally owned and committed to providing our customers with the latest in auto wash technology, and the very best in customer service.

Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes the industry’s best STI Conveyer belt system.  This belt system protects your vehicle from potential wheel damage when aligning with the wash bay and avoids the need to push or force your vehicle through the bay.    Our extra wide equipments base is meant to accomodate larger vehicles and trucks just as easily as smaller sedans.

Extra Wide Equipment Base Allows For Larger Vehicles & Trucks That Normal Washes Can Not Handle

All Electrical Equipment Allows For A Quick Stoppage In The Event Of An Obstruction

Conveyor Belt Systems Provides A Stress-Free Entry & Exit While Helping Protect Your Wheels & Tires

Grand Express Wash automatic car wash in Peoria AZ

A Better, Safer System

Traditional car washes use hydraulic equipment which can can cause severe damage to a vehicle when an obstruction is present. Grand Wash uses all electrical equipment, which when paired with our state of the art sensors, will immediately stop the conveyor and wash systems so any obstruction can be addressed. You can have peace of mind knowing that our equipment is designed for the protection of your vehicle.

Our Products

Grand Wash is proud to use and support the following products and equipment:
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